The third season of Being Mary Jane officially debuted on BET Tuesday night and lead actress Gabrielle Union is serving up spoilers as to what we can expect to see in newer episodes.

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As far as Mary Jane’s love life, which is always a heavy topic of conversation, Union said it will definitely keep viewers interested (as it always has in the past).

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she told Entertainment Weekly in an interview released Wednesday morning. “There are definitely new love interests. She doesn’t let little things like disfigurement stop her. Some lovers cycle back and have their own issues, and then there’s a new one that to me is not unexpected, but judging by the reaction to the cast and crew and the people who know, is quite shocking and wow-worthy.”

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As for whether Mary Jane will fulfill one of her dreams and tie the knot, Union held tight on giving up that information.

“They would kill me if I say, but there’s definitely new love interests on the horizon and possibly new relationships.”

When it comes to David’s betrayal with Lisa, Union dished on whether Mary Jane will ever be able to move forward and “forgive” them.

“I think if we’ve learned anything about Mary Jane, forgiveness is not one of her strong suits. Handling adversity is definitely not one of her strong suits either. I can guarantee you that she is not forgiving of any of them, she’s pissed. She is pissed.”

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on BET.