While Gabrielle Union has confirmed in the past that Dwyane Wade has to deal with her sex scenes in BET's Being Mary Jane she's now revealed whether he watches her get intimate with other men when the show airs.

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Reveals He Still Writes Her Letters 'About Love & His Feelings'

She spoke with Extra TV's AJ Calloway and said it's not likely that Wade will tune in.

"Not often... luckily, he too looks amazing without his shirt. He's not a bad-looking person, so he's not short on self-esteem, nor is he jealous...There's three love interests for Mary Jane this season, so there's a lot of action, a lot of sex."

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But they do spend a little quality time together and watch other popular shows together like ABC's hit series Scandal.

"Well, I watch the whole Thursday night lineup, but he joins me at 9PM. I start with 'Grey's Anatomy' and he comes in for 'Scandal' and 'How To Get Away With Murder.'"

But the Miami Heat star also has his own favorite shows that he likes to watch. And it might be a little different than most people would think.

"He's also obsessed with 'Nashville.' Deacon Claybourne is like his hero. Some think it's Michael Jordan...no it's Deacon Claybourne from 'Nashville.' I started making him listen to country music years ago and now he really appreciates it."

She added that he also appreciates shoes and has his own lavish collection.

"Like if you came to visit you're going to have to stay in a hotel because that extra guest room is a shoe show vault," she joked.

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