Hollywood HIV Scandal: Does Charlie Sheen Have HIV? Tracking A Rumor From Its Start

The world has become seemingly obsessed the last few days with reports that an A-List Hollywood actor is HIV positive and has known for years--but never shared the news with his partners.

A Hollywood Actor Reportedly Has HIV

The story has blown up as everyone tries to figure out what actor could potentially be the one behind the story, with many putting the theory out on social media that they believe it is former Two and a Half Men and Anger Management star Charlie Sheen. Nothing has been confirmed about the identity of the actor involved--and the story itself is still technically a rumor that hasn't been proven factual. But with the way it has blown up in such a short time period, it remains to be seen--just where did this story come from?

The Sun has been credited as originally reporting the story since their Nov. 11 article is the one which started the frenzy over the last few days. However, the story actually goes further back than that by a little over a week, to a report first filed on Radar Online back on Nov. 2, which didn't get much traction.

Who is The Rumored Actor With HIV?

At the time, Radar reported that while the actor learned he had contracted the disease two years ago, his medical outlook is positive, though his known playboy lifestyle has led to him being scrutinized heavily in the past--and he's afraid that admitting he has HIV publicly now would only add to negative portrayals of his image, keeping him from being remembered for his work.

Their report also suggested that despite knowing he has the disease, he has continued remaining promiscuous, and could still be potentially spreading the disease to others. This behavior reportedly began again after the actor's attempts to settle down with his romantic interest at the time failed.

However, despite the shock value of the story, it still flew mainly under the radar and seemed to go unnoticed until The Sun then picked it up this week and added new details to the alleged story.

Also without specifically naming the actor, the publication claimed he may have spread it to as many as six other famous female partners--including "an award-winning actress, a stunning movie star, a celebrated media personality, a celeb with a troubled past, a TV Show favorite and a busty glamour model."

This report then led to the story blowing up--it was picked up by other major publications, specifically, The Daily Mail, and from there the story truly gained traction on Twitter.

There the guessing game has taken place with many are wondering just who the actor could be. No names have been officially confirmed, but a few have been put out there, including: 

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Colin Farrell:

Robert Downey Jr.:

and Sean Penn:

However, a much more overwhelming consensus believes it's Sheen:

However, the collection of tweets is not scientific and we have no way of knowing for sure if the majority of Twitter users are indeed saying that it is Sheen.

Of course, some have noted that the original article from Radar also described the unnamed mystery man as being worried that he wouldn't be remembered for his acting if the truth came out. With that in mind, many have speculated that the actor in question is not Sheen, because such a statement wouldn't apply to him in their minds.

There is still no official word on the story's truth, with no sources coming forward to say they spoke to either Radar or The Sun.

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