Recently, British comedian Ricky Gervais wrote on his blog that he'd like to "sell out" in order to fund an animal sanctuary. Gervais explains that he would like to start accepting the kind of jobs that he has been turning down for years like commericals, corporate sponsorships, and merchandising, and use the "second fortune" he makes from those jobs to build a forest where he can live with wolves and bears.

Gervais suggests that he can still do the jobs that are on par with his level of integrity.

 "I can still do all the things I love with integrity, but also amass a secondary fortune from things I couldn't give a f--k about and then live in my own forest with wolves and bears. Even if me doing loads of adverts and flooding the market with tat ruins my career it won’t matter. I'll be in the forest with wolves and bears. Wolves and bears! It might be genius. £50 million should be enough," the comedian wrote on his blog.

It makes sense that Gervais would like to immerse himself within the animal kingdom. In 2003, he performed a stand-up comedy routine titled "Animals", in which he imitated a variety of furry creatures.