Microsoft's Lumia 950 was expected to emerge as a new competition in the smartphone industry. However, critics were disappointed that the said smartphone fell short of its promise.

According to a review, the Lumia 950 gives no reason for iPhone and Adroid users to switch because it lacks features compared to other smartphones. The Window's flagship phone has limited app choices, a buggy Continuum feature which was supposed to be the smartphone's main selling point, and a price that does not match the smartphone's quality. As a result, the Lumia 950 presented many issues instead of providing comfort.

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Even though it received criticisms, the Lumia 950 still has good features such as a good quality camera, crystal clear screen and a removable battery. The flagship phone also received plus points for its Cortana voice assistant, which was considered better compared to iPhone's Siri.

The Lumia 950 along with Lumia 950 XL were released last Friday. The former's price starts at $550 in the United States.

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