'Rick and Morty' News: Carl's Jr & Hardee's Burgers Take Over In This 'Sponsored Content' [VIDEO]

Rick and Morty just utilized sponsored content in the best of ways.

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The Adult Swim series just uploaded a 30-second piece of sponsored content for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's and it is hilariously terrifying. The clip starts with Rick barging into Morty's room as he's sleeping, using a megaphone and giving him the following message: "Morty, wake up, we're in a Carl's Jr., Hardee's commercial right now. I'd like you to meet some characters."

Morty protests, "I don't wanna be in a commercial it's 5 in the morning. I have a test tomorrow!" But Rick introduces his cavalcade of thick, juicy, anthropomorphic hamburgers anyway, including Thick Burger El Diablo, All Natural Burger, Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Jalapeño Thick Burger and Tex Mex Bacon Thick Burger.

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All of the burgers terrorize Morty's room, getting juice everywhere and stealing Morty's possessions. Morty makes a big commotion but Rick completely ignores him, insisting "these guys are cool!"

While this is simply sponsored content, it does provide a nice holdover as Rick and Morty fans wait for season 3. And it's arguably more clever than the way other shows and websites shamelessly introduce sponsored content.

Very little is known thus far for season 3 of Rick and Morty, though co-creator Dan Harmon did recently suggest that the season 2 cliffhanger (Rick turning himself in and the Galactic Federation taking over Earth) won't have too many lasting consequences in season 3.

Rick and Morty season 3 does not yet have a premiere date on Adult Swim.

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