Pamela Anderson News: Actress Strips Down To Her Last Nude Magazine Cover [VIDEO]


For many years, the 48-year-old star was part of Playboy, and the latest issue, which will be released for January-February will be her 14th cover. Anderson previously appeared in October 1989, posing with just an unbuttoned prep school blouse and a straw covering her lower half.

"I got a call from [Hugh Hefner's] attorney who said, 'We don't want anybody else. There's nobody else, could you do the last cover of Playboy?'" the mother of two sons revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

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When Anderson sat down with ET in an interview about the Plaboy’s last final nude issue, she reveals what the cover means and why she decided to accept the offer.

“I had a rough few years where I felt a little insecure, 'cause you know everyone's getting older,” the former Baywatch star admits reflecting on her previous photos. “I thought, 'My gosh, I miss the Playboy days.'" She continued: “It was so glamorous, it was so chivalrous, there's so many people there that were so smart, and activism, and art. You know, I just kind of miss that whole crowd and us being these little giggling girls kind of running around the mansion half naked and trying to get everybody's attention.”

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The model and activist also reveals that before doing the shoot, she had to ask her two teenage sons consent in doing the nude photo shoot and was even concerned what they might think.

According to ET, Anderson says it’s a bit hard for her sons growing up during her Playboy days - "they were teased, and made fun of, and had a few fist fights over their mom." But when she asked her oldest son Brandon,19, for permission to shoot the cover, he was actually encourage by him to do it.

"I said, 'Hef just called, he wants me to do the last cover of Playboy,' and he goes, 'Mom you've got to do it,'" recalled Anderson, noting that even when she informed them of the nudity, Brandon said, "'We're older, we're not embarrassed anymore of you. You know, we think you're great.'"

"He was so excited," she added. "He may have high-fived me!"

Since it will be Playboy’s last nude shoot, Anderson made the most of it and dishes out about the mutual respect she had with Hugh Hefner and never thought she would be asked again to pose for the mag.

"He's such a sweetheart and he's just been such a big part of my life. And people have been asking me over the last year, 'Would you ever pose for Playboy again?' I'm like, 'They're never going to ask... I mean I'm sure they're sick of me,'" she admitted. "So when Hef asked, I couldn't help myself."

"I took off all my clothes, and I rolled down the hill as fast as I can," she continually admitted. "I was just screaming, and hair and boobs were flying, and shoes were going everywhere."

See the full spread, 12-page pictorial (featuring an interview conducted by James Franco) on Friday, December 11 when the January/February 2016 issue of Playboy hits newsstands.

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