Black Ink Crew: Chicago Cast: Things Get Heated Between Kat & The Guys [VIDEO]

The drama between Kat and her 9Mag co-workers turns physical on VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

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It’s no secret the issues between Kat and the guys have been building up for some time as they accuse her of trying to make a name for herself outside of the tattoo parlor. She's also said she thinks they are not being supportive.

But when a chat about Kat gets back to her, thanks to Danielle, everything comes to head.

Kat Makes Another Move After Drama With Ryan

In a sneak peek, Kat breaks down what she heard was said about her, but Ryan isn’t having it. He said it was “complete bull.”

Van isn’t for the drama either. He said, “I think Danielle should have shut her mouth.” He called out her for taking a “story and twisting it” and “misinterpreting it to Kat.”

But Kat was still livid that anything would be said about her, especially if they are supposed to be a family and look out for one another.

“I lay my heart out plenty of times. Whatever you guys are gonna understand or not understand, that’s between y’all…I’ve always went super hard for you guys.”

She then breaks down her friendship with each of the guys before Ryan goes off again for them coming to him with the drama that’s all “about nothing” at the end of the day. But Kat reveals it’s really Phor who she’s upset with.

“They’re all screaming at me and Phor doesn’t have anything to say. He’s not the type of guy who’s gonna stand up and defend a girl who he claims he wants to be with. I’m done.”

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