Tom Hardy News 2015: Actor Explains His Fear Of Horses, 'They Are So Big & Muscular' [VIDEO]

Tom Hardy had to conquer one of his fears in the upcoming movie The Revenant.

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In an interview with Variety released on Tuesday, Hardy dished on a lot of subjects, one of them including his fear of horses.

"I don't like horses," he said. "They scare me."

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Even though he finds these animals to be lovely from a farther distance, it's the idea of what they can do that gives him a fright.

"I think horses are beautiful, but I didn't own any growing up. It's quite alien," Hardy said. "They are so big and muscular. If they sat on me or kicked me, that would be it- wouldn't it? You always hear about people walking around the back of a horse and getting kicked. I always think if anyone is going to get kicked by a horse walking around the back of it, it's most likely going to be me."

Despite this concept, Hardy did end up on a horse for his next film as well as for another project.

"I'm doing a TV series that I'm riding a horse quite a lot," the actor said. "It's just the way it is. I wouldn't tell you I ride horses. It's something I've got to learn."

The site pointed out that Hardy has some Oscar buzz surrounding his performance in The Revenant. The film hits theaters on January 8, 2016.

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