Haven's Audrey and Nathan had a love story for the ages, and it is one that will continue long into the future.

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Yes, Audrey (Emily Rose) is technically gone. Her soul, however, has returned to the Maine town in the form of a schoolteacher named Paige. The Haven heroine entered the Barn as the series came to a climatic close, but now that the Troubles are a thing of the past, a new version of Nathan's girlfriend has entered the picture, complete with her son James (Coogan).

So, why did Haven choose to momentarily break it's fandom's heart? After all they've been through, a simple happy ending would be too easy for fraught couple.

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"We allowed that 'couple of the ages' be together, but we put a little spin on it that protects the easy thing of letting them walk off into the sunset and not having to deal with all the challenges that they dealt with," executive producer Gabrielle Stanton explained to TV Insider. "They have to pay a little bit of a price, but that makes their connection that much more powerful."

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