America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 may have ended earlier this month, but many of the contestants that came off the final cycle of the series remain super active in the industry and on social media.

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One Cycle 22 contestant in particular was either absolutely loved or completely hated due to his intense passion and need to be totally blunt.

Any guesses to which contestant we're talking about? If you guessed Bello Sanchez, you're right!

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Contestant Bello Sanchez Spoke With Us About His Motto & More

Well, as we mentioned, people either love or hate him. There is truly no in between with Sanchez.

Just a few days ago, he dropped some major sage advice on his Twitter that anyone could follow at any given time. He kind of reminded us of how the first male winner, Keith Carlos, is with sharing wisdom, but Sanchez is a bit edgier about it.

"17 x" he initially tweeted Saturday morning, which left us a little puzzled. He did explain it later on, but before we get to that, he dished some other very important advice.

A few minutes after the "17 x" tweet Sanchez divulged, "You've grown, you've progressed. You'll meet new people, and you'll have new friends."

He's definitely right! It's rare to stay friends with the exact same people all throughout your life. Sometimes people drift apart and grow and then come back together and other times they are only in your life for a brief time.

Sanchez pointed out you're probably not friends with the people you were friends with in first grade.

"Letting go of the people who were your 'friends' doesn't mean you're a bad person," he further shared, explaining, "It means you're growing. To evolve, you must change."

Sanchez only got more real with his tweets as he dished, "Not everyone is supportive."

His wisdom continued to unfold as he revealed, growing probably means you'll "lose A LOT of people," but that's totally okay.

Plus, it's important to respect everyone regardless of if they stick around for your own personal growth or not.

Sanchez finally revealed what "17 x" means at the end of his latest advice spiel on Twitter.

"It means that for every time someone tells you 'no,' it takes 17 'yeses' to condition your brain otherwise," he stated, which is also an interesting tidbit of information.

Sanchez definitely has some great advice. We cannot wait to see what else he has to share.