Will Giuliana Rancic be left out of the upcoming season of Fashion Police?

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According to a new report, producers of the series would like to have two males on the show, and with Margaret Cho's recent addition, that may lead to Rancic's potential firing--or will it?

“Executives and producers have been saying that they want another man besides Brad Goreski,” an insider told Radar Online on Wednesday, “It would make for a more balanced cast.”

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“Some people feel that Giuliana isn’t really bring anything unique to the show anymore,” the source claimed. “She is not really a fashionista, and doesn’t have a lot of credibility in the industry.”

In addition, 41-year-old Rancic recently moved to Chicago full-time.

“Some people think Giuliana could lose the job that she is trying to hold on to,” the source told Radar. “To make matters worse, she does not even get along with Brad or Melissa Rivers as well anymore.”

As for who could be brought aboard in Rancic's place, the source said, “There are a few names being tossed around, one of which is E.J. Johnson.”

However, a rep for the network insisted, “There is no truth to the this. Giuliana is a co-host and consulting producer on the series and as our announcement stated last week, she will be returning in 2016.”