The rumors that Jon Hamm was ready to embrace his next big role post Mad Men by signing on as the star of a new season of True Detective aren't true according to his reps.  

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The actor's reps told Gossip Cop that the reports are not true that Hamm was possibly circling new roles on either FX's Fargo or HBO's True Detective.  

OK! initially reported that Hamm was eager to cash in after finally winning his first Emmy for Mad Men back in September, and that he'd been approached ro work on both shows.  

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"[He] wants to strike while the iron is hot," sources said of the actor being approached for either show. 

The source also claimed that the shows made big offers, claiming "If he says yes to either, the whole series will be based around him." 

The report also claimed that Hamm was excited over the prospect of a jump to either HBO or FX because both networks would mean a guaranteed pay hike from what AMC gave him for Mad Men

"[Hamm] is poised to become TV's highest paid actor [and] everybody chasing him has deeper pockets than his old bosses at AMC," the source said.  

However, the reports are allegedly not true. There has also been very little mentioned about a third season of the show since the second one was met with high criticism.