Denise Richards has remained silent since Charlie Sheen went public with his HIV, but today, her reaction to the news has finally been revealed.

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Although Richards continues to keep her thoughts to herself, Sheen has spoken out, revealing his ex-wife has been completely supportive of his health crisis.

"[Denise] was immediately supportive. There was no judgment there," Sheen explained to Radar Online on Thursday. "There was no fear about anything. She’s a tough lady; she’s dealt with her mom’s cancer and her mom’s death. Denise wanted nothing but the best for me, there was nothing, again, nothing but support."

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"Same with [Brooke Mueller]," Sheen continued. "She was sad for me but then realized that I’m a pretty tough customer and she knew I would handle it and do whatever I had to."

As for his relationship with Richards, Sheen explained, "With Denise, it’s good most of the time. It’s fractured at times — like any divorced couple’s relationship would be. But in times of good or bad, we still focus on the children and their needs. We try to park our differences and move forward."

And the same goes for Mueller.

"It’s good today. She doesn’t let it get boring, I’ll tell you that... Brooke is a character and she’s a great mom and, again, we’re trying to do what’s right for the kids," Sheen said.