We saw Ashley accept Don’s proposal in what could arguably be the most awkward moment on this season of VH1’s Black Ink Crew:Chicago. And it’s safe to say that Twitter agrees she should have shut him down big time.

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Because just like we saw Ashley say she would marry Don on the show’s first season finale, we also saw Don not only hook up with his 9Mag co-worker Charmaine in the season premiere, but lie about it all season long in attempt to make Charmaine look crazy.

In the end, he had to confess that she was telling the truth about their hookup. But that didn’t stop Ashley from saying she would spend the rest of her life with Don; and Twitter has lots to say about it.

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One had no hope in their future and said we’ll be seeing them on VH1’s Couples' Therapy.

Another said both Don and Ashley owe Charmaine an apology.

One fan pointed out that Charmaine was unbothered by Don’s announcement of their wedding.

A follower couldn’t help but turn their nose up when Ashley said “yes.”

Another wasn’t convinced that Don was done with his cheating ways.

One added that Ashley’s marriage would be similar to what her season on the show was like.

Another said Don’s apology to Ashley about the infidelity was simply “fake.”

As for Don and Ashley, they don’t seem to be moved by what others say as they’ve been cuddling on Instagram all season long. See some of their photos below.

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