Oculus Rift Price: Outrageous Price Tag Places Virtual Reality Out Of Reach? [POLL]

Gamers can jump into the world of virtual reality for the low, low cost of...$600?

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Oculus Rift is the tech world's long awaited run at VR, but the goggles will cost you a pretty penny. Preorders opened on Wednesday (shipping on March 28), and the Internet quickly exploded with complaints and ascertains that the exorbitant price will start to ring Rift's death knell.

For the outrageous price, here's what you get:

  • Headset with built in headphones and mic
  • Sensor
  • Remote
  • An X-Box controller
  • Games like EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale

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To make matters worse, Oculus Rift doesn't run off your standard gaming system. You need a high end PC to make it work, and a list of compatible models can be found here. If you want to wait until February, you can preorder a Rift/PC bundle for $1499.

Will the HTC Vive or the PlaySation VR help bring virtual reality into the hands of the masses? Their prices have yet to be announced, but it would be hard to top Oculus Rift's eye-watering price tag.

Does Oculus Rift cost too much?

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