Raven Symone News: Talk Show Co-Host Discusses Jaden Smith's 'Androgyny' In Louis Vuitton Ad [VIDEO]

Raven Symone gave an insightful opinion on Jaden Smith appearing in the Louis Vuitton campaign ad.

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In an episode of The View on Tuesday, the co-hosts discussed Smith as the new model for womenswear, something they seemed confused about.

"Most high fashion models don't represent the average woman, but... I don't know," Whoopi Goldberg said.

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Symone then chimed in with her support on Smith displaying himself as gender fluid for the ad.

"I don't think he's representing the average woman," she said. When she was asked what he is representing, she said, "Androgyny."

"I will go into a store, like a sneaker store, and I'll go right to the men's section," Symone added. "You don't see a woman wearing men's in the ad, but why not? Your shoes are just as cool."

Goldberg responded on how it might be different if the title was written as something else.

"Louis Vuitton womenswear...see once you call it womenwear...I think if you just say 'Representing Louis Vuitton: Jaden Smith,' that'd be fine," she said.

Symone then discussed how she used to date someone who was able to tackle both masculine and feminine personas in her work.

"I dated a model and she was androgynous," the co-host said. "She walked in men's clothing lines and she was the face of men's clothing lines. It's about opening up the word."

See the clip below.

"He's not representing the average woman," Raven-Symoné says of Jaden Smith posing for a womenswear brand. What do you think?

Posted by The View on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

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