The Golden Globes had some big accomplishments, but it also had some awkward moments. This started pretty much from the moment the show started.

Check out the list of what is either considered humorous or just plain cringe-worthy.

1. Ricky Gervais' opening speech

While the host is known for not being afraid to speak his mind, he said some stuff in his opening monologue that can make people either laugh or throw a fit. After telling the audience to "shush," he let out a controversial comment on how much he's changed, but not as much as Bruce Jenner who is now known as Caitlyn. Gervais even made a joke about Jenner's car accident.

2. Jason Statham puts Paul Feig in a headlock

When the action star introduced the movie Spy along with Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig, the actor decided to wrap his arm around Feig and pretty much tackle him to show how tough he truly is. When Feig tried to chime in on how he wrote the film, the headlock just happened so abruptly.

3. Jamie Foxx mocks Steve Harvey

In a take of the Miss Universe mishap, Foxx presented the Golden Globe for Best Score along with Lily James. Without reading from the envelope, Foxx said the winner was Straight Outta Compton even though that wasn't even nominated. The actor then apologized for his "mistake" saying "it's right here on the card." This is what Harvey said when he announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant.

4. Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt bicker

The two stars introduced the film The Big Short, something they both star in. But Gosling told Pitt how disappointed he was that he had to join him on stage. Gosling said he thought he was presenting alone and added in little humorous moments on how Pitt should be overlooked in what was clearly something worth laughing about.

5. Lady Gaga bumps Leonardo DiCaprio

The pop star won her first Golden Globe and was left in tears. As she made her way on stage, she didn't seem to notice what was in front of her possibly due to the emotion. And it just so happened that she bumped right into Leonardo DiCaprio's arm as he was sitting in his chair. Even though Gaga may not have noticed it, the actor sure did. And he looked pretty shocked.