In episode 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airing Monday, Kyle Richards hosted a white party but festivities got interrupted when discussion of the lawsuit between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville surfaced once more.

The heated discussion this time also gets the husbands in the group involved, as Maloof's now ex-hubsand and Lisa Vanderpump's husband exchange harsh words. A preview clip for the episode show Maloof and Paul Nassif attend Richards' white party and worry about facing Glanville. Bravo revealed that in earlier parts of the episode Maloof and Nassif have a dispute of their own but "are a united front when everyone confronts them about their threatened lawsuit against Brandi."

In another preview video for the episode, Taylor Armstrong told her fellow cast mates she could not attend a party thrown by Kim Richards because "I think I'm in love." Kyle elaborated by saying Armstrong admitted she is going away on vacation with an unidentified man and that Armstrong's daughter, Kennedy, stays with her family a lot. Kim chimmed in by adding that Armstrong did not even know where her daughter was, or that she was even staying with Kyle's family.

"Taylor should know what's goin on in her house...and she should be keeping tabs on where her kid is," new cast member Marisa Zanuck said.

"I would never not know where Portia is, I can tell you that right now," Kyle said, referring to her own daughter. "However, I don't think she was in the best frame of mind tonight."

Zanuck thought the comment hinted to the fact that was Armstrong drinking, to which Kim agreed with.

"As a person in sobriety, I'm concerned that who is this person and is she safe," Kim added. 

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