This love story of Chris Dempsey and Heather Krueger is definitely one of the most romantic stories ever.

They have a very memorable past because when Dempsey, a member of the marines, learned that Krueger has a stage 4 liver disease, he did not hesitated to donate 55 percent of his own liver for the woman. This was a crucial move because Krueger was told that she had less than 50 percent chance of living more than two months.

After the procedure, the relationship of the two did not end but instead, it only grew to a higher level because Dempsey and Krueger fell in love with each other. "After we got out of the hospital, we kind of made it official that she was going to be my girlfriend," Dempsey said in an ineterview.

Their relationship has since led to an engagement that was highly-approved by Krueger's family.

Watch their amazing story below.