Outlander is gearing up for a major announcement.

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The Starz series thrilled fans with Brianna's casting in January, and the time-traveling drama is whipping viewers into a frenzy once more. On Tuesday, the Outlander Twitter dropped a teaser for the next big reveal.

While casting announcements are over and done with now that Outlander is filming for the season finale, there is one piece of news still outstanding. Season 2 will premiere in April, but an actual date has yet to be announced. Judging by the timing of the news, Starz may lock down an air time later this week.

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There is also the chance that Starz is looking to give the hugely popular series an early season 3 renewal. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a series received an order before their latest episodes hit the screen. Whatever it is, the announcement is guaranteed to make viewers happy.

Check out a season 2 teaser below!