Ever stop and wonder how your favorite celebrities look so inspiring and radiant on the red carpet? Hair, makeup, and gorgeous gowns aside, the fact is, so much of mastering photo-ops is knowing how to stand, finding your best angles, and looking confident for the camera.

Hands on hips! One leg in front of the other! Don't slouch! Red carpet pros like Kendall Jenner and Zendaya have their signature poses that emphasize their famous assets and hide their flaws. But their body language may be saying something entirely different.

Zendaya's peace sign with a kissy face is def one of the cutest and funniest celeb red carpet poses. Selena's Hand glued to hip by simply locking her elbow on her hip. Michael Jordan who kept on rubbing hands. Kendall Jenner's arched back. Justin Bieber's squinted eyes. Zac Efron also kept on holding and rubbing his hands. And Belle Thorne who always do the over-the-shoulder peek.