There are a lot of intriguing reveals fans are hoping for with the rest of season 2 of How to Get Away With Murder, one of which has to do with the Hapstall parents' murders.

Frank And Laurel To Become An Official Couple Going Forward?   

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Pete Nowalk dished about this mystery. To our relief, Nowalk revealed that fans will find out who the culprits are, and also dispell or affirm the notion that Philip and Catherine were involved.

"Yes, we will. Don't like to keep our mysteries going too far along, but that's obviously the first. Right now, the world thinks that Phillip did it and maybe Catherine was involved in some way," he said. "So we'll reveal whether that's true. If that is true, how does that affect that family? How does that affect Catherine? How does that affect Caleb? Where the hell is Phillip?"

Will Nate Rat Annalise Out?  

Nowalk also dished about a new family that will be coming on board for the rest of the six episodes.

"We have this new family, the Mahoneys [played by Adam Arkin, Roxanne Hart, and Wilson Bethel]. There's a murder case that they play a very pivotal part," he said. "They will appear over the back six of the series, and they're an investment banker, rich family who play a big part in Annalise's life."

The midseason premiere episode titled "What Happened to You, Annalise?" aired on Feb. 11.

Watch the preview: