CBS reported a casting call for supporting actors and extras for Paramount's Transformers 5 in Detroit.

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More importantly the report reveals that filming for the Age of Extinction sequel is set to begin in London in June. It seems like the movie will mainly be shot in England, and Detroit is for smaller stuff. The casting directors are scouting for new lead and supporting roles. The details for applying to be considered have also been revealed, so if you think you've got it in you to stand tall with the giant Autobots in the movie.

Meanwhile, Michael Bay has finally confirmed that he will be helming the fifth instalment, but also that it would be his last in the series.

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In another interview he also suggested that filming might take place in Chicago.

Bay spoke with WGN Radio about the progress on the fifth instalment of the franchise. Interviewer Richard Dean asked Bay if he was planning on blowing up Michigan Avenue again, in response to which the director revealed an important detail about the setting of the film.

"No, we're gonna find a new street," Bay said. "But I love Chicago." And then, referring to some of the city's systemic problems, including gun violence, added dryly: "We'll come in with some Transformers to even it out."

When asked in another interview with HeyUGuys what it will be like handing over the franchise to somebody else, the director suggested that it would be tough.

"Well, I am having trouble with Transformers, handing it over, as you can see...Same thing with Peter Jackson, same thing, giving Middle Earth away and Cameron giving Avatar away, it's a tough thing, I kind of like going from big to small movies, bounce around."

Transformers: Age of Extinction hit theaters on June 27, 2014.