It seems like the possibility of one of the Transformers sequels, if not the fifth installment, being set in Cybertron are high.

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We know now that there is not going to only be a Transformers 5 but prequels and sequels are being lined up. So far the Transformers series has only taken place on earth, on mortal land. The end of Transformers: Age of Extinction showed Optimus Prime taking off into outer space to Cybertron in search of his creators. This set off speculation of the sequel being set in Cybertron but that was quickly rebuffed and the confirmation that Mark Wahlberg will be returning made it more likely that Transformers 5 will be set on earth.

Two alternatives are possible. Perhaps in the fifth installment we'll see the action from both realms and eventually culminating as Optimus Prime settles his business in Cybertron and rejoins the crew on earth. In fact as the news about the new writing team for the movies was revealed, Akiva Goldsman, the head writer also dished about taking inspirations from franchises like Star Wars for Transformers going forward.

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If the creators were to actually take Star Wars as inspiration, not just for the number of sequels the franchise has spawned but also the content, Transformers will very likely take fans to Cybertron. Maybe not with fifth installment but with one of the prequels. In fact it would make sense to show the origin of the Transformers with their creator in Cybertron as part of a prequel which would essentially be one big flashback as Optimus Prime is on his quest.

Transformers: Age of Extinction hit theaters on June 27, 2014.

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