Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar went out with their family for lunch at Bill's Bar and Burger in Manhattan. Sounds like a typical family outing, right?

Right - except for the fact that they racked up a bill of over $600 with their order, according to reports.

Between burgers, fries, shakes, sodas, and nachos, the 23-member family from Arkansas made restaurant owners quite happy.

The family was in New York City doing promo work for the upcoming TLC special, 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia.

Of course there's got to be food involved in the midst of their adventure. While many people nowadays have a hard time going out to eat with 4-member families, it is hard to imagine the Duggars doing so with 19 kids.

Some of the Duggars are grown, but Mr. and Mrs. still cover the bill.

Six of the children qualified for a children's menu, or 7.95 per meal, which gave them a break, according to TMZ.

The Duggars Do Asia will cover the family's cultural and culinary journey through Japan and China.

In an interview with TMZ, Bob discussed the one-child policy in China. "We believe that every child is a special gift from God, but I guess in China they've made policies that even people who are pro-choice in America would be against," he said.