Angela Bassett is not just returning to star in season 6 of FX's American Horror Story--she's also taking on a bigger role behind the scenes.

Did Angela Bassett Let Slip Two 'American Horror Story' Actors Returning Next Season?

Bassett is the only star confirmed to return for AHS season 6, but the actress recently announced that she is also set to take a big step this season.

The actress appeared on The Chew this week and announced that she will direct one episode of the season.

Angela Bassett Talks What Made One Particular 'American Horror Story' Season So Great

"[I'll direct] at least one [episode]," she confirmed (in the video below). "We usually have male directors but [I'll] be the first female director."

Bassett would indeed be the first woman to direct an episode of American Horror Story. She just recently dipped her toe into the directing pool for Whitney, the Lifetime TV movie about Whitney Houston. She also directed an episode of the TV show Breakthrough.

The actress also spoke about the craziness of being on a show like American Horror Story, where anything can happen.

"You read it about three weeks before you go into production," she said, "And then you get a call like, 'oh, we need you to sign a nudity waiver.'"

It remains to be seen if Bassett will have a more substantial role this season. She has mostly been a supporting character since debuting in American Horror Story: Coven, though she has earned two Emmy nominations along the way.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres this fall on FX.