Angela Bassett recently confirmed that she is returning for season 6 of FX's American Horror Story and shared her thoughts on why the show has been successful all these years.

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Bassett is the only cast member announced as having a role in AHS season 6. Showrunner Ryan Murphy announced this in an E! News interview back in January, but now Bassett herself has confirmed the news.

The legendary actress spoke with Larry King in a new interview and said she'll definitely return for season 6. Bassett was also asked to speak on the success of the show, and while she couldn't answer it fully, she did discuss what made her first season, Coven, so great.

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"I have no idea. I can't, but I can appreciate it," she said, when asked to explain the show's success. With [my] first [season, Coven] there was a little history but there was also a little tongue in cheek, a little not taking itself too seriously, a little over the top theatrically. I think all those things."

She talked about the inclusion of the "slight subversive comments on culture and the times, and sexism and racism and ageism, whatever the case may be. So, not being afraid to address some of those issues."

Other cast announcements have not been made just yet, considering the premiere of season 6 is so far away. Last year, Lady Gaga announced herself that she was joining the show and revealed the concept for the season, Hotel, at the same time. This was on Feb. 25, 2015, so should we expect a similar announcement in a few days? Only time will tell.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres this fall on FX.