Angela Bassett seems to have let it slip that two other American Horror Story cast members are returning for season 6.

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Bassett is the only person confirmed for season 6 of American Horror Story but a new Entertainment Weekly interview (in the video below) with the actress was very revealing for who may join her in returning.

The actress spoke about showrunner Ryan Murphy telling her about her season 6 character and name dropped one actress who will "maybe" return.

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"He did tell me at the Golden Globes that I would imbibe a little bit too much and yet I was very intuitive also and maybe Sarah [Paulson] somehow was the boss of me," she said.

It shouldn't be too surprising that Paulson would return for another season of American Horror Story considering she's had a role in every single season so far. But one name many people are wondering about as far as a return is Lady Gaga.

Gaga had a starring role in American Horror Story: Hotel but many wondered if this was just a one time thing or the start of a new repertory player for the show. Bassett indicated that the pop star may indeed be returning.

 "I hear, I think, perhaps she's about to return. She had a good time with us," Bassett said.

It remains to be seen when the official cast of American Horror Story season 6 will be revealed, in addition to what the concept will be.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres this fall on FX.