The first official cast photo for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, premiering next week was unveiled exclusively by People magazine.

The image shows the entire crew led by Gary Sinise as Jack Garrett, supervisory special agent and international unit chief. The team features Supervisory Special Agent Alana de la Garza played by Clara Seger, Special Operations Agent Matthew Simmons played by Daniel Henney, Technical Analyst Russ Montgomery played by Tyler Williams James and Medical Examiner Mae Jarvis played by Annie Funke.

Joe Mantegna who plays David Rossi in Criminal Minds will also be an occasional guest on the show. The Criminal Minds spin-off which was first tested as cross between Criminal Minds and Beyond Borders also featured Anna Gunn (of Breaking Bad fame) as Ally Lambert as part of Garrett's team, but the actress has been dropped from the main show.

CBS President Nina Tassler spoke to TVLine about the new lineup for the series and hinted at why Gunn was dropped from the main cast.

"Gary [Sinise] is sort of larger than life and [as Jack Garrett] he filled a lot of the same [needs as Gunn's character]. But we're actually going to be adding a couple of new characters" that "speak more to the needs of the franchise."

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is set to air on March 16 on CBS.

Watch the promo: