Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon Feud: Leno's NBC Controversy 2013, Takes Jabs at Peacock Network (VIDEOS)

Jay Leno was coy about his future with NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Sunday.

The 62-year-old was asked by Extra if he planned to extend his contract with NBC after it ends in 2014 and he replied, "Will I do it when my contract's up? Well, no, when your contract is up, see that's how it works."

"Is Jimmy Fallon going to replace you on the show?" Extra's cameraman asked Leno.

"I hope so," Leno answered.

The Tonight Show host asked his studio audience on March 22 if they were aware of his "alleged feud" with Fallon. Leno said he had dinner with a "bunch of NBC executives" and they offered to make things up to him by offering him and his wife an all-expenses paid trip on a Carnival Cruise. He jokingly referred to the cruise company that had travelers stuck on board for five days in Mexico without running water and minimal food last in February.

Leno took another jab at the peacock network by playing off of a news report of a Canadian man who had a knife pulled out of his back after three years of it being lodged in. He said  the Canadian, "must have worked at NBC too."

Leno cracked jokes about the network Friday after several unnamed NBC executives told The New York Times that the network will be creating a studio for Fallon, 38, in New York City. Fallon tapes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in New York.

Enstars reported on March 4 that several reports claimed Fallon was set to replace Leno in September 2014 after the latter's contract expires.

Leno took jabs at his bosses several nights last week. On March 18, he compared NBC to snakes in a post-St. Patrick's Day joke.

"You know the whole legend of St. Patrick, right? St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland - and then they came to the United States and became NBC executives," Leno joked.

The following night he talked about a Serbian woman with a rare brain condition that caused her to see the world upside down, and compared it to the network's declining ratings.

"Isn't that crazy? It's unbelievable. She sees everything upside down. In fact, she thinks NBC is at the top of the ratings," Leno quipped.

Watch Jay Leno play coy with Extra about Jimmy Fallon replacing him here.

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