NBC reportedly blocked a get well tweet Ann Curry tried to send Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. 

According to Gawker, Curry asked permission to send Roberts, who has been fighting myelodysplastic syndrome a "note of sympathy" tweet. The network reportedly told Curry "no."

New York Magazine reported Monday that Curry, who was booted from the show last year, could not send a message of support when Roberts was seeking treatment for her illness because NBC feared that she was trying to console the enemy.

The article also said that Matt Lauer was also reportedly in negotiations with ABC at one point to join the network after he heard that Ryan Seacrest was a likely candidate to replace him on Today. However, Lauer later signed a reported $25 million deal with NBC.

The magazine said that Lauer first learned about Seacrest while being forced to wait outside the White House Christmas party because Curry forgot her driver's license. 

Curry was famously dropped from the Today show last year, and is now a correspondent for NBC News. She was banned from appearing live on NBC, and was only allowed to do pre-recorded interviews. 

"There's growing friction because she's been pushing for live interviews, but NBC will only air her taped interviews, presumably so they can edit them," a source told The New York Post

Over the past few months, Today's ratings have decreased and the show was named second-place in ratings for the first time in 16 years, according to The New York Times. The report also indicated that the show lost around $50 million in advertising revenue.

Previously, Lauer admitted that he quietly contacted Couric to see if she'd be willing to come back to Today after Meredith Vieira departed the show in 2011. When Couric declined, Curry was then promoted from news reader to co-host, but would only keep the position for one year.

Curry's public departure last summer- in which she cried and ignored a kiss on the cheek from Lauer -- resulted after the show lost its #1 status to Good Morning America. The show has yet to recover from the dropped ratings.