Jason Derulo appeared on Lip Sync Battle up against American Idol alum Katharine McPhee. Derulo is nearly unrecognizable in a preview for this Thursday's Lip Sync Battle on Spike, where the singer channeled a full-out '80s performance of Rick James' 1981 hit "Superfreak." The "Talk Dirty" crooner donned dreads and showed some skin in an open-chest black studded leather jumpsuit in true Rick James fashion. His performance payed homage to the song's music video, hitting a Super Freak-y pelvic thrust and even mimicking James' iconic park bench routine alongside a line of sexy dancers.

The performance was so electric that even Lip Sync Battle commentator Chrissy Teigen couldn't help but sing along and get in on the fun.

The “Talk Dirty” singer was up for the Triple Threat award at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards, but the singer/host/dancer lost the title to singer/actor/dancer Selena Gomez.