Twitter Fans Overwhelmed With Pink's Fun Interaction


Pink took part in a fun interactive session with her fan's on Saturday. Being a good sport she accepted the challenge to answer the questions from her fans. Fans started on a lighter note with questions related to her career and personal life.

It wasn't difficult for her to pick a handful of them.  Pink went on with a simple and witty response. Being a mother of two children, Pink knew her answers well and was quite a child herself when asked about her favorite toppings on her pizza, favorite TV show, favorite sport, the favorite album and her favorite character with whom she liked to act.

Fun Interaction with Pink

It all started when a fan asked Pink if she could do an interview with her and the rest of them followed suit, asking for some more info on the singer.

"Can you do a q&a again or maybe reply to your fans for the next 30 min, or something..?" wrote the fan. "Sure! Go," Pink wrote back as she continually came up with her answers over the next thirty minutes.

A Fan first started with his interest in knowing her favorite song, "which is your favorite Rihanna song?" he asked. "Dancing in the dark cuz my daughter knows every word," she aptly replied.

"Who is your favorite rapper?" another fan continued. "Biggie smalls," revealed the singer.

Pink revealed her favorite album was Beck.Colors to a fan who wanted to know her."@Pink favorite album atm?" he wrote ahead of her revelation.

Pink opened up to a fan on another fav song. "@Pink favorite No Doubt Song?" he asked. "Don't speak," pink said.

A fan who wanted to know her best moment wrote, "@Pink best moment of your career so far?" "Right Now", came the reply.

Her Willingness to play along

She evidently played along to answer a few more fun stuff and following these tweets, Pink revealed a majority of her likes over dislikes, including her favorite TV show that happens to be "Ray Donovan and This Is Us,"  Pink even said that she likes watching Gymnastics and continued with  her love for toppings on the pizza, that was lots and lots of cheese of course!!

They couldn't miss her favorite dessert, a cheesecake and her preference over red wine and white wine depends on am or pm, she revealed. "Is it am or pm?", she said on a question based on her choice of wine.

Her wishes to potray a TV Character

Pink re-tweets also mentioned her favorite peaky blinder character -Thomas Shelby and her wish to cast alongside him. "@pink what movie/TV show would you love to star in?" a fan asked her. "Peak blinders," pat came her reply

Her favorite bedtime story

The best part came when she said that her favorite night time story for kids was "Mama do you love me". Her 6-year-old daughter Willow and toddler Jameson would have probably loved to hear that from mommy.

In another instance she spoke of her excitement for Australia. "@Pink how excited are u to come back to Australia?" a fan asked. "on a scale of 1-10's 20," pat came the reply.

Pink in connection with her recent Beautiful Trauma promotion answered to her fans' questions on Twitter. "It's go-time. Ask me anything.#AskPink," she tweeted on the 13th of October.

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