Mia Khalifa Flirts With Steph Curry Online, Gets Blasted

Ex porn star and now internet sensation Mia Khalifa has outraged a lot of people after she got flirty with basketball star Steph Curry by tweeting a picture of her feet at him. This act of hers comes after Curry's wife Ayesha Curry had jokingly revealed that her husband has a foot fetish. Khalifa took the pic of her bare feet by the fireplace and uploaded the picture on Twitter captioning it, "Sup, @StephenCurry30?"

It was very obvious that the message was a direct response to Ayesha as she had shared this bit of information about his hubby loving her feet. She had said during an appearance on The Real,"My husband really loves my feet," explaining as to why she had a photo of her feet on her phone. Khalifa is now being slammed by fans, who had gone out all the way flirting with the 28-year-old player publicly. Some Twitter users said that he was a married to a beautiful woman '@ayeshacurry, so zero chance. Try Nick Young.'

An insider has said that Ayesha is as livid as the fans after Khalifa's picture was posted, she has said that it was extremely disrespectful and although Mia acts like she is not a pornstar anymore but the low-class moves show her true colours, she added.Ayesha also said that she could not believe in this day and age where women are being harassed sexually, they should support each other rather than behave like this. The insider added that Mrs. Curry will not play any games and if her marriage is not respected by Mia then she will deal with it in her own way.

Khalifa was well known in the porn industry and she had entered the business when she was 22 years of age in 2014.She became the most searched on the adult video sharing website Pornhub and ranked no.1 by the website. However, in an interview with The Washington Post, Khalifa said that she had only been a part of the pornographic industry for three months and had left it over a year before she changed her job and her lifestyle mentioning that it was a rebellious phase of hers and now she had come out of it. But also in May 2016, Khalifa continued to be a webcam model.

Khalifa has currently teamed up with former basketball ace Gilbert Arenas for Complex's and is hosting a new talk show called,Out of Bounds on Complex News' YouTube channel.

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