Supernatural's Sam and Dean would quickly gank half the cast of The Vampire Diaries if the two series were to ever crossover, but when Elizabeth Blackmore ditches her Valerie Tulle persona, she will become the Winchesters' ally.

Blackmore currently stars on Julie Plec's vampiric skin show, but she'll join the monster fighters for a recurring role in seasons 11 and 12.

"Blackmore, who can also be seen on AMC's Turn, will be taking on the recurring role of Lady Toni Bevell, first appearing in an episode later this season, and will return for an unspecified number of episodes in season 12," E! Online revealed. "A mysterious visitor from across the pond, Lady Toni Bevell will actually have a lot in common with Sam and Dean."

What could the Brit have in common with our boys? Is she a hunter, a Woman of Letters, or something else entirely? We've met foreign hunters and we've met both Men of Letter legacies and agents across the sea before , and we're excited to see how Lady Toni will weave into the story.

In the meantime, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will head to the Centennial State to take on an old threat in "The Chitters."

"In a small town in Colorado, mysterious disappearances happen every 27 years," The CW teased. "Sam and Dean (head to the town to investigate and meet two hunters who have a personal vendetta against these once-in-a-generation monsters."

As a general rule, the Winchesters don't really play well with others. How well will the pair handle a couple of hunters who might be willing to do anything to get their revenge?

Find out more when Supernatural returns to The CW on April 27. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' next episode. "The Chitters."

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