Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert 2016: Democratic Frontrunner Talks Not Eating In Front Of Press [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night where she discussed Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton and learned how to properly eat cheesecake.

Host Stephen Colbert sat down with Hillary at New York's famous Carnegie Deli. The interview ranged in topics from Bill adopting a vegan lifestyle to why she's choosing to go back to Washington even amid intense Republican criticism.

Asked if Bill won't be pleased with them convening at the Carnegie Deli due to his vegan diet, Hillary noted that he is an "open-minded vegan." Naturally, Colbert busted out his impression of the former president.

Discussing her possible similarities with Trump, who may challenge her in the general election, Hillary admitted that she wasn't quite certain of what similarities they may share.

"I'm just not sure what I have in common with him. However, when you are president and you're working with the congress, there are lots of opportunities to find common ground," she said.

Colbert noted that the Republicans have a "meat slicer" ready if Hillary does end up winning. The talk show host asked her why she would want to go through such intense scrutiny and criticism.

"When I actually have a job as opposed to run for a job, I actually get things done with the Republicans. I did as First Lady, as Senator as Secretary of State," she explained. "This is just one of those efforts you have to get up and work on every single day. You have to be willing to find whatever common ground exists and then try to make something good happen."

Colbert then discussed Clinton admitting she'd wanted cheesecake when she was at Junior's in New York last week, but ended up not eating it. She explained that it's always "awkward" to eat in front of the press, considering they're just waiting to catch you looking "silly" (If you think that's an untrue statement, just see the main image for this post). 

The late night host then gave a tutorial on just how to eat a cheesecake...which is always helpful to know. 

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