'The Affair' Season 3 Premiere: Time Jump, Possible New Perspective & Things 'End Badly For Everyone' [VIDEO]

The third season of The Affair has some enticing surprises.

On Tuesday, Hollywood Life managed to get some scoop from executive producer Anya Epstein who mentioned what's about to take place following the reveal of who killed Scotty. The finale of the second season had Noah taking the fall for running over Scotty when really it was Alison who pushed him and Helen had been the one driving.

It turns out though that the third season won't begin as Noah starts his time in jail.

"It skips ahead of time," Epstein told the site. "There is definitely a time jump. It also jumps around as it gets going. You're going to see the beginning and then you're seeing some time before that. We're experimenting a little bit more this season."

One of the things that made the show more intriguing was how it started off with the perspectives of Noah and Alison on what was going on. And then it moved into Cole and Helen's points of views. So is there going to be another perspective added in the third season?

"Maybe we might be adding someone," Epstein teased.

The site speculated that the new perspective could be Cole's new wife, Catalina since the producer confirmed that he's going to find out that Alison's baby is his.

Joshua Jackson, who plays Cole, also dished on some details with his own theories. He doesn't know too much on what's going to happen, but so far, it seems that Catalina still doesn't know that he slept with Alison.

"This is a relationship question," Jackson said. "That was very early; they weren't really in a relationship yet. Is that the type of thing you bring up because it's an explosive situation? Or do you just let sleeping dogs lie? Clearly, he should have just come clean, but yeah, that's going to end badly for everyone."

The Affair Season 3 is expected to premiere this fall on Showtime.

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