'American Horror Story' Season 6: How FX Series Pushed Evan Peters To Care More [VIDEO]

Evan Peters likes to give it his all on the set of FX's American Horror Story.

Peters, who is one of few actors to star in all five seasons of American Horror Story, realized soon into the filming process that he was getting into something special.

"I remember one of the first days, we were shooting a scene and [showrunner] Ryan [Murphy] goes, 'Ok, I want to have blood poured all over Evan right now, we're going to put him in the corner and turn the camera on and it's going to be great,'' he recalled in a new interview for Hero (via The Huffington Post). "You know how Ryan works, he's very creative, it's his show so he's writing it and creating it as he's directing. It's very cool working with him and it's very impulsive, I like that."

After this point, Peters knew he needed to step it up and bring his A-game to the set.

"I was like 'Oh, this is a really good show, I have to start working out, I have to start eating eating right, I have to start trying to be good and not f- up," he said. "I was really trying really hard on that first season."

Peters' role in the first season of American Horror Story helped launch his career into the mainstream. In addition to his various roles on the horror anthology series, he has roles in movies like The Lazarus Effect, Elvis & Nixon and most notably, the X-Men film franchise. He will be seen in X-Men: Apocalypse this May.

There are also rumors about his possible role in season 6 of American Horror Story. He has not officially been confirmed for season 6, nor has he made any public comments about the matter, but a recent Instagram post has many fans buzzing.

The photo features Peters sporting a healthy beard and wild hair, a bold new appearance for the normally clean-cut actor. Some are speculating that this may be for his new role. However, Peters was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live with no such beard, so fans are not sure what to think.

American Horror Story season 6 is set to premiere in the fall on FX.

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