The time has finally come for Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) to learn the truth about her husband Julius (Obba Babatunde) having a secret daughter she never knew about, and when she finally learn the truth that the daughter in question is actually Sasha (Felisha Cooper) she will react harshly to what she's learned on The Bold and the Beautiful.  

After finally hearing that Julius had slept with Sasha's mother, and that both he and Sasha knew the truth the entire time she was virtually growing up in their house and acting as Nicole's (Reign Edwards) best friend, Vivienne will lash out over the secret. However, instead of focusing her attentions on her husband for his lie, Vivienne will shockingly turn on Sasha, berating the young girl for also keeping the secret and not informing her of the truth a long time before.

"You could have told me," she coldly says in a preview clip for the Thursday, May 5 episode.

"I know," Sasha mumbles through tears.

"Like father, like daughter. Lying to my face," Vivienne spits out.

"Sasha was afraid to say anything," Nicole says, rushing to her defense.

Vivienne will still be furious however, and may not be willing to hear anything that can be said in Sasha's defense, because she will be hurt and will feel as if she's been made to be a fool for so many years by people she loved and trusted.

Of course, her attentions won't only be turned to Sasha, because the bigger betrayal came from her husband. Not only did he have an affair and cheat on her, but he kept his child a secret from her for so many years. And after all of the drama he caused by giving trouble with Maya (Karla Mosley) being transgender, it may finally be the last thing she can deal with, and Julius could quickly learn he is about to lose his wife and the family he made with her.

"Tell me we can get through this," he asks in the clip.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday-Friday at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.