Just one more day until The Good Wife says farewell for good.

As the series comes to a close this Sunday, the creators dished to Entertainment Weekly on what fans can expect as well as how they hope the memory will live on. While the show has had its sinister moments, there's more to it than just the sake of drama.

"I do think people will think of the show in terms of its multidimensional female characters," Robert King said. "It might also be thought of as a gravestone of the 22-episodes-a-year paradigm. 22 a year is just too difficult, too backbreaking. But it would be nice if people thought of it in terms of its cynicism and its comedy; that's what we found most fun."

One enticing question that was asked is if Alicia is an alcoholic, which was probably a big theory for fans over the years. As it turns out though, that is not the case and it never was.

"I think she likes her wine and tequila, but no, she has never suffered an alcohol-related problem," Michelle King cleared up. "She's never been arrested. She's never done anything because of alcohol that she regretted."

As for how things will turn out in the end, one of the creators is hoping for the absolute best and that everyone will be satisfied. But there will still be some twists and turns to watch out for.

"It should be surprising but inevitable," Robert revealed. "That's a very difficult bar to hit, so...be kind. I hope viewers will feel like they want to start at the beginning of the series again. I hope it's like Finnegans Wake, where the end leads them right back to the beginning."

The final episode of The Good Wife airs on Sunday, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.