'Grimm' Season 5 Finale: Will Nick Sacrifice It All For Kelly? Actor Previews Black Claw's Deadly Plans [VIDEO]

Black Claw has Grimm's Nick Burkhardt by the short and curlies.

Portland's premier monster hunter spent the better half of season 5 attempting to stem a global wesen uprising. The Grimm (David Giuntoli) has aided Hadrian's Wall in their efforts to bring Black Claw to their knees, but, for the most part, Nick has remained an independent entity. The paramilitary organization's latest acquisition and confirmed leader, however, will use any means necessary to pull our hero over to the dark side.

"[Conrad Bonaparte] is a powerful man and he knows it. It's a dangerous combination when someone knows it," actor Shaun Toub told TV Guide. "He's playing a chess game. He's putting the board in front of them and trying to get as many good pieces as possible,"

In "The Beginning of the End," Bonaparte will go so far as to threaten baby Kelly, and he isn't messing around.

"He will sacrifice anyone, including using the kids," Toub promised. He'll use even the baby to bring Nick along."

Part of the reason Bonaparte wants the infamous Grimm on his side is obvious - Nick has powers and connections that could put Black Claw over the top. It also just so happens Detective Burkhardt is in possession of a very important manuscript.

"Bonaparte will do anything to get hold of a valuable artifact-the Grimm lineage book-that's in Nick's possession," showrunner David Greenwalt informed TV Insider. "This will give Black Claw the upper hand it needs for their revolution."

God only knows what Señior Evil would do if he knew about the Scooby Gang's magic stick.

Will Nick's love for his son cause him to crumble, or will his friends find a way to save him once he falls into Black Claw's clutches? Find out when the season 5 finale of Grimm airs TONIGHT at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Click the video below to see a preview for "The Beginning of the End."

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