American Idol's Candice Glover delivered the "best performance in 12 years" for the talent competition on Wednesday night, according to Randy Jackson, in a performance that blew all four judges away and left Glover in tears.

As soon as she hit the last note, Keith Urban got down in his knees and vowed. Nicki Minaj gave an enthusiastic standing ovation while Mariah Carey stood up from her chair, came up to the stage and sprinkled glitter over Glover.

"On behalf of all my judges up here, one of the greatest performances in history, 12 years of American Idol," Jackson told Glover after she performed Adele's version of "Lovesong" by The Cure.

Glover, a 23-year-old singer from South Carolina, could not help but break down in tears as the audience continously clapped and cheered up for her.

She has continuously been voted among the top three favorites so far in all episodes for this Season 12.

On today's Top 6 Performance show, the remaining contestants (five women and one man) performed two times. First, they sang songs by legendary songwriting team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David and last they performed songs that they wished they had written.

Among the worst performers tonight was Lazaro Arbos, who received the least compliments from the judges tonight.

Watch Candice Glover's performance of "Lovesong" below:

(Song Starts at 2:26" Mark)