The post-Tony DiNozzo NCIS world is just around the corner. After 13 years with Michael Weatherly as Gibbs' right-hand man, fans are wondering what the new era will look like.

Never fear; after catering to the dramatic with Trent Kort's (David Dayan Fisher) escapades, NCIS is ready to return to lighter fair.

"[We're] super-eager to reset, to move on and move forward ... and get back to the lightness and the mystery that NCIS is known for," showrunner Gary Glasberg told TV Line.

With Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Abby (Pauley Perrette), Ducky (David McCallum), and McGee (Sean Murray) still in the mix, the original NCIS squad will hold down the fort.

"I still have Mark Harmon, and the family is still in place. We're actually excited as writers to have some new perspectives, to have some new characters come in, to be able switch it up and change things 14 seasons into a television show," Galsberg informed Deadline. "It's fun for us. And to know that the foundation doesn't change but the opportunities continue to grow and are limitless, that's fun for us."

There will be one agent who won't get to jump in on the fun. Fornell (Joe Spano) came out his coma in time for season 13's final credits, but his recovery will take some time. Don't expect a quick fix for Gibbs' FBI pal.

"To actually see him have to work towards it, and the frustration of that, is exciting for us," Glasburg teased.

Reunite with the team (sans Tony) when NCIS returns to CBS this fall.