'Grimm' Season 5: Writers Return To Work, David Giuntoli Drops Premiere Teasers! [VIDEO]

The Grimm writers room is back in session!

While fans are still reeling from the season 5 finale, the creative minds behind Nick's (David Giuntoli) escapes are churning out scripts for season 6.

Actress Bitsie Tulloch excitedly announced the writers' return on Tuesday, and we're sure she's just as anxious to find out Eve/Juliette fate as we are.

The season will open exactly where "The Beginning of the End" left off. Renard (Sasha Roiz) unwillingly drove a sword through Bonaparte (good riddance!) thanks to his daughter's ever-evolving powers, and the Captain was left staring in astonishment at an enraged Grimm.

"He's face to face with Renard, so this could go two ways. Will there be a negotiation? Will Nick think this through? Or is he so furious at Renard for taking his child away that he'll just go crazy?" Giuntoli teased, according to TV Insider. "I would imagine the first scene in Season 6 will be a real melee with Nick and Renard. Of course, Renard is the one with the sword."

For those of you following along with production, however, the premiere will not be the first episode to film. Giuntoli will hop into the director's chair in season 6, and, in order to give the actor adequate time for prep, his hour will head in front of the cameras before any others.

"They're moving it up to the first [to be shot], so I have time to prep it," he told TVLine, explaining that his directorial debut will air as episode 3. After five years on the set, giuntoli said he's "been so compelled by what is going on behind the scenes. I know the show as well as anyone else."

Find out what's next for Nick and the Scooby Gang when Grimm returns to NBC this fall.

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