Brock Turner Update: Convicted Rapist Gets 'Family Support' Social Media Page With Shocking Words Against Victim [VIDEO]

There is a Facebook page that defends Brock Turner's actions and it's quite disturbing.

Turner is known as the convicted rapist who was sentenced to six months behind bars for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster near a frat house. This case sparked public outrage when Turner was only sentenced to six months (he could have been forced to served up to 14 years).

Ever since his conviction, the 20-year-old's family has been expressing their support for him and empathy for Turner despite his actions. His father infamously penned a letter that many have criticized for being completly blind to his son's actions and faulting the victim. And now, there's a Facebook page that continues the horror. Entitled "Brock Turner Family Support", the page has over 6,000 subscribers and not only tries to make Turner look like the good guy, but it has horrifying remarks against the victim.

The top pinned post slams the victim for not facing Turner and "[choosing] only to read a victim impact statement in the courtroom like a coward." The post then gets bizarre disturbing by saying if the woman gives her name to the public, then the world will see her as "a liar."

"She is terrified what may be unearthed if someone were to dig deep enough into her relationship history," the poster writers. "She is terrified that the world will find out she is a co-conspirator in labeling our son as a criminal."

Of course, a number of people have commented on this post by shooting these people down and saying Turner deserves what he gets.

One user wrote, "The victim is the victim. You can still love your son, but he's a rapist. What if this happened to your daughter? I'd bet you wouldn't be blaming and shaming the victim."

Another wrote, "You people are disgusting. Your son is an opportunistic rapist. The victim doesn't need to come forward, she was a VICTIM."

UPDATE: According to the Mercury News, Turner's family has denied any connection to the page and this looks like the work of a disgusting internet troll.

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