Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie is walking in a winter wonderland.

Twelve's new companion won't make her debut until the season 10 premiere, but snaps from the Cardiff set indicate that the 2016 Christmas special won't be the only episode blanketed in a soft carpet of white. Bill will need to bundle up for her first mission with the Doctor.

Mackie took fans behind the scenes with a BBC featurette on Thursday, giving viewers their first real look at Bill. Decked out in a scarf and coat, the new companion looks ready to battle the elements.

“It’s my first day on location!” Mackie enthused. “It’s mad, it’s really exciting. There’re loads of fans!”

Doctor Who does quite a bit of filming out and about in Cardiff, and the cast spends a large portion of those shoot under the watchful eyes of excited fans. Since viewers are currently suffering through a yearlong hiatus, the Cathays Park set was a welcome sight.

Unfortunately, little information has spilled out regarding the season 10 opener. We do know, however, that Bill and Twelve’s platonic meet cute will be unexpected.

“How we first encounter her, and how we first encounter the Doctor next year, is very unusual for us,” showrunner Steven Moffat said, according to Doctor Who TV. “We’ll introduce her in the first episode of 2017, and she’ll run throughout that series.”

For the matter, Bill won’t be your typical companion.

“I think already it's clear she’s her own person who’s not going to be impressed easily,” casting director Andy Pryor told The Radio Times. “I think that’s quite a fun thing to explore, and it’s something that Pearl is brilliantly equipped to do.”

Find out more when Doctor who returns on Dec. 25.