Beyonce And Jay Z 2016: Rachel's Roy's Ex and Rapper's Friend Damon Dash On 'Becky' Rumors [VIDEO]


While speculation that celebrity stylist Rachel Roy was the “Becky” Beyonce was referring to has died down, Roy’s ex-husband Damon Dash has broken his silence and shared his thoughts on rumors that Roy hooked up with his former friend Jay Z.

“She’s my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my children…My two daughters,” Dash told Access Hollywood Live earlier this week. “So I don’t care about none of that.”

Still, Dash, who recently starred in WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop, added that there is something that concerns him.

“The only issue I had was them putting pressure on my children,” Dash added. “You know for me, the history between me and Jay…Me being his partner at the time with Rockefella and Rockawear and all that… and best friend… of course on a human level it would bother me. But I already addressed it with a therapist.”

He pointed out that he was a cast member on VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

“I believe an objective opinion helps you sometimes be a better person and a referee. I’m human… So that got dealt with… I’m human.”
He said that he blocked the oldest daughter’s Instagram and the younger daughter “took it like a champ.”

“I think the bullying should have been a bigger issue,” he said. “I don’t believe in bullying in any form; especially when it comes to my children.”
He maintained that he wants to stay professional through the entire ordeal.

Check it out below.

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