'Dark Matter' Season 2: Is [SPOILER] Gone For Good? EP Talks Shocking Premiere Ending [VIDEO]

The One we knew is dead and gone.

Dark Matter capped off its season 2 premiere with an ending that left us cursing Jace Corso's (Marc Bendavid) very existence. Someone has it out for the crew of the Raza, but, out of the ship's hodgepodge band of rogues, it was One who took the fall. The corporate blue-blood came face-to-face with his own countenance, and that stolen reflection put a bullet between his eyes.

The death of Derrick Moss comes equipped with a silver lining, however. Just because One is out of the picture, that doesn't mean Bendavid is.

" At the end of the day what I said to Marc is that the door is open for him to come back because he plays two characters," showrunner Joseph Mallozzi told The TV Junkies. "We close the door on One, but Jace Corso is still out there."

As soon as One's body hit the floor, we had a moment of panic as we imagined a future in which Corso attempted to assimilate into the Raza family without revealing the body swap. There seems to be no chance of that, however, as Two (Melissa O'Neil) through Six (Roger Cross) will soon learn of their friend's plight.

"Presumably they're going to make it out of prison-that's the plan anyways-and if they do make it out, hopefully with the help of some friends, they will be going after Jace Corso," Mallozzi explained. "The first step is that they have to find out that One is dead."

It might take them awhile, but knocking off One's killer is defiantly on our heroes' to-do list. Expect the truth behind Moss' murder to come tumbling out before season 2 comes to a close.

For now, however, the team has an escape to plan. Catch Dark Matter Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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