'Dark Matter' Syfy: Can Two Keep Her True Identity A Secret? Melissa O'Neil Talks Season 2 [VIDEO]


Luckily for Dark Matter's Two, the Galactic Authority has plenty of dirt on Portia Lin. While that might seem like an oxymoron, it will keep Rebecca's true identity off the radar.

The Raza crew will have plenty to worry about when the doors slam shut on them at Hyperion-8, the most notorious GA prison in the galaxy. As the numerical amnesiacs attempt to piece together an escape plan, Two (Melissa O'Neil) won't have to fret about finding herself "dismantled" as illegal tech. Dwarf Star Technologies keeps its illicit experiments tightly under wraps, which means the authorities will have no reason to give Two more than a cursory glance.

I imagine that that kind of information is actually classified to a certain degree. This is how I rationalized the logic in my mind - that information hasn't been declassified, hasn't been let out by Dwarf Star Technologies because they're trying to get a hold of Rebecca (or Portia Lin, which is Two) because that's their prototype and their property," O'Neil told EnStars. "Like any corporation, when they have a prototype that hasn't gone well and is deemed by them to be unsuccessful, you don't want that parading around being the hallmark for your company."

It's clear Two's past won't play a major role in the opening episodes, but that doesn't mean fans won't get the answers they're looking for. Rook's company loves its secrets, but, if Portia's investigation shakes too many trees, Dwarf Star might consider cutting their losses.

"I imagine that if Two ever stirred the pot enough to cause Dwarf Star Technologies enough of a headache, then they would release that information to the Galactic Authority so that she wouldn't have anywhere to go an there would be a bit of a price on her head," O'Neil teased.

Even Three's (Anthony Lemke) litany on bon mots won't be able to dig the Raza crew out of that hole.

Catch the return of Dark Matter this Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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